The Engineers and Scientists of California Local 20, 千赢娱乐首页登录网站 劳联-产联 & CLC是一个动态的, 民主, and activist union that represents nearly 8,000年注册工程师, 科学家们, licensed healthcare professionals, 和PG的律师&E, 千赢娱乐首页登录网站 Permanente, 美国环境保护署, 工作中的法律援助, and other employers throughout Northern California. Our mission is to work with professional employees to address their concerns through collective bargaining and to advocate for their interests.

Unique in representing highly educated and skilled women and men, ESC Local 20 combines the collective bargaining strength of a union with the autonomy and specialization of a professional association.

We aim to raise the standards by which all professional and technical employees live and work. 通过合作, employees negotiate a contract to ensure their professional integrity and gain equal standing with their employer.

Professional employees want a professional union. We always seek a problem-solving relationship with the employer. Further, ESC Local 20 is a member-driven union. Members elect member leaders through a 民主 process who determine the direction that the union will take.

ESC Local 20 is an affiliate of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (千赢娱乐首页登录网站) 劳联-产联 international union that holds the charter for organizing and representing professionals. 千赢娱乐首页登录网站, based in Washington, D.C., 代表近80,000 professional and technical employees in the private, 公共, and federal sectors in its locals in the U.S. 和加拿大.