The 验光单位 Board is the governing body for 验光师 and 眼科助理 represented by ESC Local 20 at 千赢娱乐首页登录网站 Permanente in Northern California. This democratically elected board serves two year terms and is comprised of a 总统, District Representatives based on geographical areas, and an Optometric Assistant at Large Representative. This Board meets every other month.

The 验光单位 Board seeks to improve working conditions and advance the professional concerns of the members of the 验光单位, and are at the forefront of advancing the historic Labor Management Partnership at 千赢娱乐首页登录网站.


总统 阿,Deb Deveno.D.
District 1: 圣克拉拉, Skyport, 圣荷西, 苗必达, 山景城, 吉洛伊, 圣克鲁斯, 雷德伍德城, 圣马特奥市 Neda果酱,阿.D.
District 2: 旧金山, 南圣弗朗西斯科 (戴利的城市), 圣拉斐尔, 佩特, 诺瓦托, 和圣罗莎 艾莉,阿.D.
District 3: 核桃溪市/Park Shadelands, 马丁内斯, 安提阿, 而, 利弗莫尔, 瓦列霍, 纳帕, 费尔菲尔德, 和维尔市 杰基王啊.D.
District 4: 夫勒斯诺市, 斯托克顿, 莫德斯托 and 特蕾西 大卫犹太人
District 5: South 萨克拉门托, 埃尔克格罗夫, 萨克拉门托, 罗斯维尔, 戴维斯, 点西, Folsom and Rancho Cordova 凯莉奥谢,O.D.
凯利.A.O '
District 6: 弗里蒙特/海沃德 (Greater Southern Alameda Area GSAA), Union City, 奥克兰, 里士满 琳达,户珥啊.D.
District 7: Optometric Assistant at Large 丽莎罗查